Memoir #3 (Movie Behind the Eyelids)

            “Were almost there!!!” my dad in a very energetic way.

            “What?” I said in a person just woke up type of voice.

            “Ten more minutes until we all get there and have fun” my dad replied.

            “Really we are almost there!!” I said.

            “No we are here now,” my mom said

            Seeing the white and red light from the entrance of Las Vegas at night is like two shiny swords that are stabbing through your eyes. The first hotel I saw was Luxor. Seeing the lights going down its 3 dimensional sides and seeing the shinynies of the black glass. Seems like my dad wants us to see all the hotels so we will be visiting the next day and make us all excited. Going up the street towards a hotel I have heard the most, which is called the MGM GRAND. It looks more like an X on top and has green borders and a shiny black glass. I told my dad ”This will be our first hotel first thing in the morning!” Then I saw Caesar’s Palace, and how the super white pillars look like they gat a fresh coat of paint everyday. The last hotel I notices was Circus Circus which has a clown on top of the sign which illuminated the block with it’s lights.

            Then went back down the strip to our hotel room, which was at Mandalay Bay the shape of the building is like a Y shape if you look at the top. When me and my sister where seeing the big fish tank and my mom and dad were checking in. I started to see the various fishes and the cold glass from the tank. I saw a piece a reef that is torn from the ocean and been put into this. When I saw the fish tank and Las Vegas I felt like in my head I felt a heart beat. When I feel a heart beat in my head is when I am nervous but I am not now but maybe I was just excited. Going to the room to the room is like checking out a new house because it has that new house smell, the cleanliness, and the well-furnished place.

            Once we all went to our rooms the bed was already prepared and the place has not even a speck of dirt. The thing was the view because it was over looking Luxor and Exealibur hotel, which was also cool looking at night. Once we slept at midnight we all woke up so early like around 8:00AM but I wasn’t. I was not really excited going anywhere but my mom convinced me by saying “Lazy bones we are going to M&M World and Circus Circus!!!” After that I hop off from bed and hurried so we can go out even earlier.

4 thoughts on “Memoir #3 (Movie Behind the Eyelids)

  1. praise= I like the way you described Las Vegas.
    Question= Why is this important to you?
    polish=explain about why you were seeing all the hotels.


  2. P- Very descriptive and good intro
    Q- Did you go to all the hotels?
    P- Some spelling errors, add some more detail and make it a little bit longer

  3. P=I like how you described the hotels and things like that
    Q=why is it so signicant?
    P=you should of talked about the water dancing thing…u no wat i mean

    signifacence: 2
    Explanations: 3
    Details: 3
    Engage: 3

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